Elevate Your Forever Collection with These 10 Australian jewellery Brands

Whether you’re seeking your own version of the Crown Jewels or a more understated elegance, jewellery serves as the cornerstone for elevating any ensemble and preserving cherished memories. Quality jewellery effortlessly enhances your wardrobe, especially on those days when assembling a trendy outfit feels like an insurmountable task.

For those looking to expand their jewellery collections, look no further than Australia’s thriving jewellery industry. From Melbourne’s ateliers to Sydney’s creative hubs, these homegrown brands offer some of the world’s finest and most unique jewellery options. Here, we’ve curated a list of 10 top Australian jewellery brands that are perfect additions to your forever collection.

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1. Orange Cube Melbourne

Orange Cube specializes in crafting exceptional jewellery and handbags known for their unique designs and top-notch quality. Their dedicated designers consistently lead in fashion innovation, offering the perfect pendant, charming additions to your jewellery, or everyday bags to match your style.

The iconic Signature Horseshoe symbolizes the universal desire for luck, rooted in the timeless association between horseshoes and good fortune. Their emblematic logo showcases interlocking crescent horseshoes, representing courage and prosperity for the wearer.

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2. Saint Valentine

Based in Sydney, Saint Valentine has nailed the brief when it comes to affordable luxury, offering a range of high-quality pieces in gold and silver, along with a bespoke bridal collection. Most recently, the brand has released a limited-edition capsule collection with Australian stylist Molly King, featuring a range of forever pieces like a glimmering tennis bracelet and eye-catching gold hoops.

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3. Holly Ryan

Founding her eponymous label in 2010, Holly Ryan is passionate about sustainability and sourcing recycled metals and ethical stones for every design. Looking to minimise impact, each piece is designed to be timeless and is inspired by art and nature. Handcrafted and made-to-order, the brand recognises that ethical fashion is a journey, not a destination.

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4. By Charlotte

Founded by Charlotte Blakeney in 2012, By Charlotte has quickly grown a cult following. Inspired by her love of semiprecious stones and their deeper meanings, each collection holds a deeper meaning of spirituality and enlightenment, in the hopes of inspiring the wearer through mantras of love, harmony and enlightenment. Her signature Lotus necklace has been worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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5. The Littl

Specialising in sterling silver and 14k gold-filled jewellery, The Littl is known for creating perfect staple pieces that looks luxurious but won’t break the bank. For those looking to build up their collections, this is the ideal place to start.

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6.Sarah & Sebastian

Sydney-based contemporary jewellery label Sarah & Sebastian are masters behind stackable jewellery. Handcrafted in their studio using the highest quality materials, the brand’s ethos revolves around archetypal silhouettes that are inspired by nature and organic interpretations of visual art. Their popular initial necklaces have helped them soar to the top of their field, and they aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

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Derived from the world ‘relic’ and the Spanish term for a family heirloom, Reliquia was born. Heavily inspired by vintage accessories, each piece is bold and sculptural while retaining a fundamentally timeless quality. From coin pendants to choker-style chains, each piece is made from high-quality metals, like 18-carat yellow and white gold.

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8.Alana Maria

Born on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Alana Maria is a handmade, minimalist jewellery brand offering bespoke designs that are designed to outlast the trend cycle. The 23-year-old behind the brand has already (and unsurprisingly) made a name for herself, with each collection capturing the unique identity of the wearer and the effortless beauty of the world around them.

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9. Temple & Grace

Temple and Grace are a go-to when it comes to beautiful wedding and engagement jewellery. They have an extensive collection, ranging from elegant diamond-encrusted engagement rings to simple gold bands, with all pieces carefully crafted in Australia. Having recently launched an at-home trial service, customers can now try on a selection of wedding rings in the comfort of their own home.

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10. Albus Lumen

Adored by fashion lovers everywhere, Albus Lumen is known for its minimalist, structural pieces realised in earthy linens and cottons. But their foray into the jewellery industry has been nothing but successful. With oversized pearls suspended from delicate gold hoops and soft fabric cords, their pieces are perfect for the understated jewellery fanatic.

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