Wedding photo booth or photographer? Figuring out your budget


Deciding between a wedding photo booth or a photographer is an important choice for couples planning their big day. With budgets tighter than ever, figuring out which better fits into your plans and allotted funds requires weighing creative options and priorities. Photobooths provide a lot of bang for your buck if you’re looking to maximize guest participation while allowing everyone to take home a classic keepsake. Most photo booth companies provide an attendant, the latest print technology, fun backdrops, and props so your guests let loose. Prints double as built-in wedding favors once your friends and family leave the reception.

Packages and pricing

Standard photo booth rental runs approximately $500-$800 for a 3-4 hour event. Most companies charge by the hour, with minimum rental requirements in the 3-hour range. Couples choose add-ons like guest books, additional hours of service, or a second booth for more coverage. Deluxe packages cost more but provide more customization features – think glass booth frames versus fabric backdrops, gold leaf print designs, and more editing software for guests. 

Creatively capture candid moments 

The great thing about photo booths is that they facilitate candid moments from all of your guests – not just the wedding party. Grandma letting loose with crazy props is precious. They also alleviate some pressure on the hired photographer to be everywhere at once. It means your professional can spend more time getting those must-have shots composed perfectly while your friends enjoy the booth. If the budget only allows for one or the other, most couples say the photo booth provides more return since the entire guest list gets involved. And even the shiest introverts usually make their way in when props and costumes remove any inhibitions. The keepsake aspect also lasts long after the bride and groom décor gets packed away.

Hiring a wedding photographer 

Most wedding experts agree this is the most important vendor decision since images last long after the cake is eaten. While budgets range from a few hundred dollars into the multi-thousands, prioritizing this investment pays dividends when retelling your story.

Fantastic photographers shine when it comes to telling the entire wedding story – from slipping into gowns to final farewells as you dash away with sparklers guiding the way. Experienced pros position themselves unobtrusively to achieve both wide angles that set the scene along with intimate emotional close-ups. Top-notch photographers also have backup equipment in case of emergencies. Communication is key, so expectations align in capturing key moments your way. Provide inspirational images of poses, lighting, and styles you adore, but also remain open since each wedding flows differently.

In most cases, wedding pros suggest allocating about ten percent of the total event budget towards photography. Scale selections based on priceless memories captured versus trends like video and photobooths which fade over time. Chat with recently married friends about their choice regrets too as you decide your best investment. Keep your long-term vision in mind as you weigh options years from now, beautiful photos still gleam bright while trendy decor dims. Prioritize accordingly for the best returns on wedding spending. Guests may forget witty speeches or gourmet cuisine flavors, but seeing that first kiss and walking back down the aisle preserves the poignant sting of love for all time. The Snap Booth Wedding Photo Booth is a premium service that adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to weddings and other special events.

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