Rolex Has Come Up With New And Classy Watches

Wearing a wristwatch adds a sparkling glow to your look. Wearing a wristwatch that is not Rolex will bring more brilliance to your face and style. Various textures and techniques will attract your mind, creating a huge fight. The reflection of images will change the surface, and each flower blooms within the watch and will become the center of attraction. The rolex company always comes up with unique and classy looks. It always keeps its promise of maintaining high energy with interest.

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Date is made up of oyster steel of 36MM and yellow gold. The material used in this watch is a combination of oyster steel and 18-karat yellow gold. It uses mechanical perpetual and self-winding movement. The bidirectional self-winding with a perpetual rotor has a power reserve of up to 70 hours.

The clock face has a unique element that is well known for identity and readability. The 18-carat gold will prevent tarnishing, and therefore, it ensures perfection overall.

White Color

The Rolex date is made up of oyster steel, and white gold is also one of the types. It has a diameter of 31MM and combines oyster steel and white gold. The grooved vessel is also included in it, along with its double twin lock waterproof system. It has the power of water resistance up to 300 feet and therefore is manufactured by none other than Rolex. The power reserve capacity is 50 hours, and 18-carat gold contains 24 diamond sets.

The fluted bezel used in the Rolex watches is the symbol of distinction. A genuine Rolex signature symbolizes glory and is made up of yellow gold.

Pink Color

The next type of Rolex date is just a watch of pink color with 31MM diameter and made up of oyster steel. The Dome shape bezel is used in the clock, and the double twin lock waterproofing system is also used. The perpetual, mechanical, and self-winding movement will attract the look. The power reserve capacity is up to 55 hours.

The handmade, meticulously crafted pink dial watches provide guarantee perfection. It also helps with identity and legibility and prevents tarnishing because it is made of gold. It gives extra shine after polishing, and the alloy used is of high-tech application that can maintain beauty in the harshest environment.

Bottom Line

Rolex watches are always the center of attraction due to their unique feature and style. Grab the new and classy watches as soon as possible.

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