Still Ruling the Roost: How Solitaire Rings Are Making the Cut?

Solitaire rings have always been a popular choice for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. Diamonds have long been a centre of attention and all for the right reasons. When it comes to making a style statement, diamonds always win the game. 

But what make these rings a popular choice among couples and how they have managed to remain a hot favourite all this while? Let’s dive in to know about this.

The archetypal classic

When you think about a solitaire ring, the first thing that comes to your mind is its single, stunning and a large diamond studded ring. Be it in the movies or in the media references, worn by the people you admire or in family heirlooms, the solitaire diamond ring is always there to grace the occasion. The ring serves as a quintessential masterpiece, which is a cherry on the cake for almost every occasion.

The show stoppers

It takes close to billion years for the coal to become diamonds. It is then the carbon in this coal that becomes this dazzling showstopper after standing tremendous pressure for so many years. This is the reason the final product make head turns. If you wear a piece of shining diamonds on your finger, it is surely going to gain attention, certainly making you the talk of the town.

Minimally elegant

For the couples who always prefer quality over quantity, the minimalistic solitaire diamonds are for you. These diamonds on the metal bands are going to be your eternally perfect choice. For, the new-age couples are greatly attracted towards things that are minimal yet have classy designs. Since the solitaire diamond rings are very different from the elaborate and intricate patterned diamond rings, they are in always trending. Although every ring has a beauty of its own, solitaire ring lets you make a stunning statement effortlessly.


One of the most important features of the solitaire diamond engagement rings is that they are extremely versatile in nature. You can match these diamonds with absolutely any band. Moreover, these rings are not restricted to specific styles and can be created based on your preferences. You can pair the stone easily with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or even platinum.

So, if solitaire ring is your choice for your partner, time to explore the Faith Brand exclusives that are sure to win your heart with their amazing collection.

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