Top 4 Jumpers for a polished look in UAE

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A jumper is like a top or upper. It has long sleeves and is usually worn in the winter to keep yourself warm. A regular jumper is knitted or crochet, but nowadays it can easily be made with jersey or cotton fabric too. Jumpers often have front-closed clothing.  They are mainly warm and cozy hence the winter clothing. Unlike, the other winter clothing this jumper can be paired up with almost everything and one can easily have a stylish outfit while being all cozy and warm.

Nowadays there are many variances of everything and jumpers are no exception. They have also expanded their network and come in a variety of styles. From a dress to a hoodie one they are everywhere. Since jumpers are not figure-hugging tight clothing, it gives a person to move freely while having the warmth of the jumpers. Here are some kinds of jumpers you might not have seen before.

1-The Sweatshirt Dress 

Just like a sweatshirt, but have an extra-long length that cuts off right above the knees. They are usually made up of the same fabric as the sweatshirts which are French terry, fleece, or rugby jersey which we all know super soft and cozy. The dresses are oversized that flow down without accentuating any waist. If one wants to accentuate their waist they can easily have the belt around which will eventually updo the Dress.  Sweatshirts are usually cozy and have hoodies like normal sweatshirts. H&M provides a great variety of sweatshirt dresses with their amazing discounted price which you can avail of by using H&M offers.

 2-Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Top

Turtle neck clothing is been around here for ages but recently they have found their name and fame. It has become popular for its anti-tie look. Over time turtleneck has started to become more of a professional or business attire. Since it has a warm fabric it is perfect for winter as it not only keeps your body warm but it includes your neck too. Rather than just being warm clothing, it also provides more of a formal, semi-formal, or even a smart casual look.

3- Short Sweater   

A short sweater or a shrug is like a cropped top, jumper, or cardigan-like garment with long sleeves. They are usually knitted. A short sweater comes in different variances some are sleepless, some are full-sleeves some are half. Some of them might have front open others don’t. A short sweater can easily be paired up as an upper with literally any kind of outfit. This is a trend that most people usually girls are unable to let go of because they are the cutest without any overheating factor which keeps you warm and cozy.

4-Cotton Jumper  

The cotton jumper is for when you want to feel cozy in a warm temperature. They are made for this weather instead of the winter. It is lightweight easy to style with and fashionable. Since cotton is more breathable than either cashmere or wool makes it an ideal material. It is an ideal material for lightweight and athleisure clothing. Maintaining and washing of cotton is much easier than that of cashmere or wool.

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