What To Consider When Taking Jewelry To Pawn Shops Near Me In Phoenix, AZ

It is thought that Queen Isabella pawned her jewels in order to provide financial support for Christopher Columbus’ trip to America.  Selling jewelry or using it as collateral for a loan at a pawn shop has been happening for thousands of years.  It is a very fast method of getting cash when you need it most.  Jewelry is just one of the many things that can be sold or used as collateral for a loan.  Other items to take to a pawn shop to sell or pawn include watches, antiques, collectables, fine art, or designer handbags.

Selling jewelry can be very simple once you pick out what you want to sell but remember that only the best pieces will fetch a good price.  Make sure that you clean up the jewelry before going to the pawn shop.  Check moving parts such as clasps to be sure they are working properly. A non-working clasp can quickly turn a beautiful piece of jewelry into scrap metal as far as its value.  Anything that goes with the jewelry from original packaging and papers to old appraisals need to be found and brought with you when visiting the pawn shop.

Work only with reputable pawn shops.  Check out their online reputation through reviews and even consider calling the Better Business Bureau to check if they have gotten any complaints.  You want qualified appraisers to evaluate your items in order to get the best price.  Remember that a pawn shop cannot pay you the same amount of money as they will sell the piece for because they must cover the overhead expenses of the store but you should be able to get close to the amount that an outside appraiser told you the item is worth.

Don’t let pawn shop staff push you into selling if you are not ready.  You have the right to take your time making the decision and can always return when you are ready.  If you are sending an item to a pawn shop for evaluation make sure that there is no reason why you cannot get the item back, quickly and undamaged.  At a local pawn shop you can usually watch as the staff is evaluating the piece of jewelry so that you are sure that it is not damaged.

Selling jewelry can seem the simplest way of dealing with getting cash at a pawn shop but it may not be the best choice for you.  There is another great way to use your valuable jewelry to get cash but you will still own the jewelry.  Pawning the jewelry is using the jewelry as collateral for a short-term loan.  Your jewelry is held by the pawn shop until the loan is repaid.  Many people feel more comfortable with pawning their jewelry instead of selling it because they do not really want to get rid of the jewelry.  Fell free to ask the pawn shop staff where items are kept so that you are comfortable with how the pawn shop takes care of your jewelry while they are holding it.  Valuable items need to be kept in a safe place which many times means they will be kept in a safe in the pawn shop.

Feel assured that pawn shops can be trusted.  The modern pawn broker strives to be not only legal but also professional and ethical.   Pawn shops are regulated by local, state, and federal laws.  Interest rates and fees for loans are routinely set by law.  In Arizona, pawn shops are governed by the county.  Being ethical is a two-way street so you should be honest in your dealings with the pawn shop.  Making false claims about your item will not work since the pawn broker will not believe what they cannot see.  Telling the store’s staff that the item is a Tiffany’s original won’t work unless you can prove it.

Don’t hesitate to join kings and queens in using jewelry to help you get cash when you need it.  You are not financing exploration of the “new world” but whatever you need is just as important. When you need money now gather up your pawnable jewelry and head to pawn shops near me in Phoenix AZ.  One of the best in the Phoenix metro area is Arizona Jewelry and Pawn in Scottsdale.They strive to carry high-end jewelry, watches, collectables and fine art and they have tremendous depth of knowledge in all items pawnable.


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